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Shortly afterwards. Funds now available include essential documents for understanding its birth and evolution as a nation, including books, photographs, diaries, magazines, bookplates, manuscripts and various cultural events held over the past decade. As for the typology, those interested will be able to find everything from ancient tablets to maps, old engravings, photographs, important literary works and audiovisual documents. As you can see, the project still exists and will continue to evolve as new material is contributed. Hispanic culture is one of the richest on earth and must be spread and promoted among all current and future Spanish speakers with the help of new technologies. Photo Emiliano; Wikipedia Nanoparticles fight cancer Miguel Pérez Miguel Pérez Biotech has developed a new technology that uses silicon nanoparticles to selectively identify and destroy cancer cells, .

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Cells in breast cancer patients. The biotech company has just unveiled the development of a groundbreaking technology that uses nanoparticles to treat malignancies that are far less invasive than systemic therapy, radiation therapy or surgical intervention currently used to treat cancer. The possibility to selectively identify and destroy cancer cells Consumer Mobile Number Database without damaging healthy cells represents an important advance in minimizing the side effects of current chemotherapy and radiotherapy techniques for cancer patients. The company, based in Villa de Cans, Barcelona, has developed a non-invasive method of treating malignant tumors through the use of biofunctionalized nanoparticles. Although each treatment must target each type of malignancy, by using silicon nanoparticle technology, it will be possible to selectively identify and destroy tumor cells without harming healthy cells in the process. Cancer treatment.

Consumer Mobile Number Database

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Breast tumors and has achieved very good results in preliminary trials on experimental animals. According to the researchers, it is expected to complete. The preclinical phase. The project in 2020 at a cost of approximately $10,000. EUR Likewise, its creators assure that this biofunctionalized. Nanoparticle technology can be used along with other. Tumor markers to treat other types of cancer. The group, which is composed of the High Council Croatia Phone Number List for Scientific Research. The Technical Center of Quimica of Catalonia. The Hospital Foundation of Madrid, the Philipps University of Marburg. The University of Vigo, the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The University of Valencia, is responsible for “Silicon nanoparticles. As a Member of the Cancer Immunotherapy Trojan Horse. Research group. Following the promising results. Of the project’s initial trials, a co-ownership and licensing agreement was signed with other members of the study to protect this new specific non-toxic treatment under a patent.

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